The Spoon Keeper searches for the desert,
consumed by lifeless spoons.
Spoons are a source of energy,
like a shell it protects a vulnerable soul.

It is an effigy,
seeking for comfort,
for understanding,
for awareness.
A demand by which the spoon keeper can provide.

They comfort the spoons,
through a little prayer,
to uncover the secrets,
the spoons may bear.

Each song they sing,
instill the spoon with trust.
Illuminating the path,
of what was once lost.

It shows them a vision,
of fantastic creatures alike.

The spoons lie in formation,
collectively healing,
a creature,
that has awoken,
from their slumber.

Across the sensitive veil,
lurks an open promise of acceptance,
hidden in a blanket of chaos.

Misguided by deception,
lured the creature,
into a plain of the unknown.
The intensity of environments,
overwhelmed their senses.

Shape-shifting from one persona,
to the next.
Caused the old self,
to shed,
dead skin,
maintaining the façade,
as a means of survival.

They awaken,
a victim of exhaustion,
fading away,
a state of uncertainty.

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