Breathe, breathe.

An eruption of fear
echoes across the landscape of the mind.

Imprisoned by a merciless fear.

Collapsed into a frenzied slump

Empty soul,

hungry for the consumption of spoons.

Blink, blink.

Sharp textures inject into trembled skin,

Aiming for domination and authority.

Of a lifeless corpse,

A high functioning mirage.
Battling the burden,
where tears escape into a new body.

The old remains trapped

cloaked in demonic fur,

made of blame.

Violently scratching the shame,

acidic tears touch

the sensitive skin,

drowning the guilt.

It grows eyes,

Attached with voices,

that whisper
I am a disease, to be feared by many.
It is not death that spreads, but anger.
Constantly isolated,

Erased presence.

Cured out of existence,

into a mutated being.

Pain is not a commodity,
to exploit for hidden agendas.

Awareness does not equal acceptance.

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